Case Study

Ceramic Portal

A portal similar to LinkedIn but only for Ceramics. This is to join Builders, Manufacturers, Dealers, Wholesalers and International Traders so that they can get updates andaccessibility of the product, Reach the ceramic provider, Buy/Sell & trade ceramics,and so on. It also allows the Exhibitors to create events which would be notifiedto all the user.

Indoor Navigation

A Navigation System for a shopping mall which would explore the guest to the coveted shops/destination effectively. This would utilize the checking of QR codes to getdiverted. The application camera can be utilized in two different ways i.e.
1. FreeWalk
2. Search Panel. Its usefulness is same as however for the indoor route.

Prisma Note

A robotized Marketplace which is a one-stop answer for Companies, providers,distributors, retailers & gives this 4 noteworthy clients Coordination, Validation, Security, Availability, Transparency, & so forth.The customer from the Netherlands accompanied a thought for a web-based interface. He was enlivened by his dad's watch brand - "Prisma" & needed to have an online nearness to cover the entire Netherlands.

TakeAway App

An App that permits to book food and pay on the web. The additional preferred standpoint and the primary component of the application is continuous following and time of landing of the User who requested the nourishment from the eatery.The TakeAway for eatery application thought came in the psyche of our client that he needs to build up an application where the user can book the food from the eatery and prepares it when the user reaches the eatery.