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Transforming Security with Our Strong Partnership: AI Bot Eye & Intel

Rao Intel Partnership Announcement

Uniting Visions:
AI Bot Eye Meets Intel

In an era where technological advancement defines the future, AI Bot Eye takes a monumental leap by entering into a strategic partnership with Intel. This collaboration is not merely a convergence of two industry leaders; it’s a fusion of visions, aiming to sculpt the future of AI-driven security solutions. AI Bot Eye, known for its groundbreaking security systems, now joins forces with Intel, whose unparalleled prowess in semiconductor technology has been shaping the digital age. Together, we are setting new benchmarks, not just in performance and reliability but in redefining the very essence of secure, intelligent spaces.

Innovating Security:
The Power of Partnership

This partnership symbolizes more than a mutual commitment to excellence; it’s a testament to our shared dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions. By integrating Intel’s advanced processing capabilities with AI Bot Eye’s sophisticated AI algorithms, we are not just enhancing our product offerings – we are revolutionizing the way security is perceived and implemented. Our clients can now experience the synergy of top-tier technology and tailored AI solutions, ensuring a security infrastructure that’s not just robust but also intelligent and proactive. AI Bot Eye and Intel are not just powering security; we’re empowering peace of mind, one innovative solution at a time.

Employee Tracking System

SuperSee empowers organizations with cutting-edge capabilities for employee monitoring and time tracking. Gain control over employee productivity, improve workflow efficiency, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your organization’s performance.

Application Usage with time of use

Monitor your team's application usage in real-time to identify productivity bottlenecks and trends.

Screenshots for Instant Insights

SuperSee enables you to capture on-demand screenshots of employee screens, providing instant insights into their activities.

Silent Version with Hidden Widget

Our silent version of SuperSee allows you to discreetly monitor employee screens without displaying any widgets or notifications. This covert mode ensures that employees remain focused on their tasks.

Live Screencast On-Demand

With SuperSee's live screencast feature, you can view employees' screens in real-time. This capability allows you to monitor ongoing tasks, offer guidance when needed, and ensure that work is progressing smoothly.

Pharmboost (USA)

  • Patient Chat
  • HIPAA-Compliant
  • Appointments
  • RX Reminders
  • Customizable Patient Engagement
  • Rx Tracking
Pharmboost redefines patient engagement by offering a suite of advanced tools aimed at enhancing the quality of care and communication. It's a platform where every feature is meticulously crafted to ensure that patients feel heard, valued, and cared for. From personalized communication channels to efficient appointment scheduling, Pharmboost ensures that every patient interaction is seamless and impactful.
Security and confidentiality are paramount in the healthcare industry. Pharmboost is built with a steadfast commitment to protecting patient data, adhering strictly to HIPAA compliance standards. Whether it's through direct messaging, appointment scheduling, or prescription management, every interaction on the platform is encrypted and secure, ensuring patient information is always protected.
Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional appointment scheduling. Pharmboost's integrated appointment management system allows for effortless scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation of appointments. With just a few clicks, patients can manage their appointments, and healthcare providers can optimize their schedules, reducing wait times and enhancing overall service efficiency.
Pharmboost takes medication management to the next level with automated RX reminders and a sophisticated tracking system. Patients receive timely notifications for medication intake, refills, and prescription renewals, ensuring they stay on track with their health regimen. For healthcare providers, this means reduced administrative burden and a more focused approach to patient care.
Every healthcare provider is unique, and so are their needs. Pharmboost offers customizable engagement tools that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different healthcare settings. Whether it's through broadcast notifications, chat support, or patient directories, Pharmboost provides a flexible platform that adapts to your workflow, allowing you to deliver care that's truly personalized.
Phasrmacist can set Rx Reminders for patients and can track if the meds are taken on time ( if opted-in by the patient ). This improves the adherence of the pharmacy.
Seamlessly Connect, Engage, and Elevate Your Pharmacy Services. Pharmboost stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation, offering a comprehensive patient engagement platform that is not just a tool but a transformative force in the healthcare industry. Designed with the needs of modern healthcare providers and patients in USA, Pharmboost seamlessly integrates advanced technology with user-friendly functionality to deliver an unparalleled healthcare experience. Visit Website


Sheet by Sheet we make problems retreat!
Google Sheet Automation Experts

SheetSolveIt is a dynamic platform committed to solving your data management challenges and transforming your workflow into an efficient, streamlined, and productive experience. Our suite of powerful solutions is designed to empower users across various industries, from photography and finance to education and asset management. With user-friendly tools like ClickPicker, SpendEagle, and AutoTransfer Sheet to Sheet, we facilitate effective data management, collaboration, and analysis. At SheetSolveIt, our mission is to unlock the potential of your data, simplify processes, and elevate your digital experience to new heights.

  • Uptime Monitor for Websites
  • SpendEagle for Finance
  • Assetrics for Inventory Management
  • Sheet2Discord Bot
  • Attidner for Attendance
  • Analysis Dashboards with LookerStudio

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