How Secure is WordPress for Publishing Your Website?

How Secure is WordPress for Publishing Your Website

All Your WordPress Security Questions Answered for a Hack-free Website

Are you an eCommerce business owner? Are you planning to build your website on WordPress but are worried about its safety?

Don’t worry. Your concern is genuine, and we understand it. WordPress is the most popular platform for publishing websites and accounts for most hacks on the internet. If your website credentials reach the wrong hands, the hacker can use them for all sorts of heinous activities. Hackers can use your website to spam customers, present unwanted content and bring your websites down with intolerable activities.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you from using WordPress. WordPress is one of the safest and secure platforms to develop your website. WordPress is more prone to hacks because of its popularity, but we will help you understand the reasons behind it and give you a few tricks to avoid it from happening to you.

Is WordPress Secure?

A lot of us have been asking ourselves if WordPress is the ideal platform to publish our websites. The question of security never leaves our minds. Let us tell you that WordPress is secure as long as the publishers are careful and serious about the security protocols. Some of the best practices to follow when building your website on WordPress are:

  • Use secure plugins and themes.
  • Use accountable login protocols.
  • Monitoring your site with security plugins.
  • Upgrading your website regularly.

Following all the security protocols in a standard way, you can reduce the risk of hacking. WordPress offers various security options that will ensure the safety of your website and decrease the possibility of hacking.

Is WordPress Core Safe?

WordPress Core is certainly safe unless you keep it upgraded with the latest version. However, you will be required to take some additional measures to secure the WordPress Core.

WordPress offers various themes and plugins, but there is a single WordPress core. An excellent security system secures the WordPress core. To keep the security intact, WordPress issues security updates with patching their core files. Publishers should immediately install the latest update in their system to maintain the security of their websites. Install the updates at the earliest because the issues solved by each update are a matter of public knowledge.

There are some supplementary steps on your part to keep WordPress at its secure best. These steps include:

  • Securing your login with strong passwords. Added features like two-factor authentication and plugins to restrict the number of login attempts or featuring CAPTCHA are some features you can pay attention to.
  • You can ensure extra safety by installing a WordPress security plugin. This plugin will scan your website for any external malware. Add a feature that regularly scans your website for bugs or malware to keep your website safe.
  • To ensure visitor safety on your website, install and enable the SSL feature.
  • Always remember to host your website with a secure provider.

WordPress Core is safe, but to ensure more safety, you can use the additional features. It’s better to take preventative measures beforehand rather than repenting afterward.

How Secure Are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress Plugins can carry a risk of malware to your website. WordPress Plugins are not always secure, but you can use reputed plugins and install their updates whenever necessary. WordPress plugins are the primary source of hacks on websites. There is an increased risk of malware on your website if your plugins are not properly updated and maintained. The risk of malware doesn’t mean you shouldn’t install plugins. Plugins are an essential part of your website and are necessary if you want your website to run beyond functionalities.

The safest option is to pick the WordPress plugin directory and measure the popularity of plugins. There is also a possibility of a secure plugin’s hack, so always update as soon as possible to maintain a secure gateway.

How Secure Are WordPress Themes?

WordPress themes are many times created by third parties and can be unregulated and non-approved by WordPress. Be aware of the security concerns while installing any theme. Don’t install any theme just because you like it. There are greater things at stake on your website. WordPress issues a certain standard, and your themes should match those standards. To ensure the themes’ standard, always install your themes from the WordPress theme directory.

Secure themes are also posed with the threat of malware. To ensure the safety of your themes, install updates as soon as they are available to you. Make sure to test themes and plugins individually on a sample site before launching them on your website. Testing will make sure the themes don’t disrupt the website’s existing functionality or crash the website entirely.

Final Thoughts: Cyber Security is a topic of concern. Always weigh the threats and risks of getting hacked and install proper updates to eliminate those risks. There is no such thing as a perfect and unbreakable security system. The best we can do is take additional measures to ensure the safety of the websites and keep updating all the features. If you are reading this blog, we are convinced that you are serious about the security of your website. Keep going.

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