Ceramic Portal Case Study

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About – Ceramic Portal

A portal similar to LinkedIn but only for Ceramics. This is to join Builders, Manufacturers, Dealers, Wholesalers and International Traders so that they can get updates andaccessibility of the product, Reach the ceramic provider, Buy/Sell & trade ceramics,and so on. It also allows the Exhibitors to create events which would be notifiedto all the user.

Business Needs

  • The client wanted to unite the Builders, Manufacturers, Dealers, Wholesalers and International Traders.
  • Allow them to get updates of product, its accessibility, Prices, Get numerous alternative of suppliers/providers.
  • Exhibitors can create Events.
  • Option to follow each other.
  • Posting of prerequisites and new or accessible product.
Business Need

Specialized Target

  • Build up a web-based interface particularly for ceramics purchasers & vendors
  • The portal would have user types as beneath:
    • Builders
    • Manufacturers
    • Dealers
    • Wholesalers
    • International Traders
    • Exhibitors
  • All the user would have diverse roles and rights.
  • User can Follow one another.
  • User can chat with each other without following.
  • User who is a provider can post the product.
  • There would be two types of product listing
    • Featured Product (15 Products Max.)
    • Detailed product
  • The interaction of all users would be noticeable to the super Admin/user
  • Admin can generate detailed reports.
  • Admin can square user as spam whenever hailed by different users.
  • Exhibitor can create events and this event would be notified to each user

Our Solution

  • Verified Signup for user type
  • Login
  • Posting of products
  • Following one another
  • Chat
  • Distinctive roles and rights as per user type
  • Product listing for Featured and Detailed Product.
  • Super Admin/User to screen the communications.
  • Admin board to manage the functionality and to verify & manage user.
  • Admin can generate detailed report
  • Admin can can obstruct the hailed user