Benefits of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

In 2020 68% of all website visits came by mobile users. And when so many customers use mobile to do everything, Understandably increasing number of companies are adopting and putting their best efforts to provide excellent customer experience on their smartphones. In 2007 long before the PWA – Progressive Web App word was coined, Steve Jobs introduced the revolutionary idea of Web Apps along with the launch of the iPhone. So, Progressive web apps have almost all functionalities of native apps but hardly any limitations of the same. While one can access apps like Facebook or Youtube using a browser. But the user experience can not be at par with native apps. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) technology offers us.

Highly Cost Effective To Develop And Maintain

Native apps are platform-dependent. For example, apps developed for iPhone can not run on Android devices or Windows laptops. So, for example, if a company runs a mobile app and a website, that company has to hire coders for three different IOS, Android, and web frameworks.

On the other hand, PWA only needs to be developed only once, and it can run any platform, be it iPhone, Android, or Website. Therefore, development costs, resources, and time are cut down substantially. Also, users don’t have to download updates every now and then. This makes PWA three to four times more economical compared to comparable native apps.

Easier To Install, Faster To Load

Just like native apps, Progressive apps can also be installed and launched from home screens or desktop. But like native apps, it doesn’t require a heavy download, complex installation process, or disk space. It also offers push notifications just like their native cousins. So your target audience can easily test PWAs without hesitancy.

Progressive web apps are not only easy to install, but it also makes webpage load much faster. And did you know roughly 53% of mobile users will leave the page if it takes more than 3 seconds? According to Google, the average loading time of PWA is 2.75 seconds which is much speedier than an average mobile website. Furthermore, this loading speed significantly boosts the company’s revenue as the bounce rate is much lower.

Other Advantages of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

  • Mobile First: From Sept. 2020, Google started indexing predominantly using mobile versions of websites for indexing and ranking purposes. PWAs are built as the evolution of mobile-first as they are crafted with responsive design. Below infographics display the trajectory of increasing mobile usage.
  • No Compromise With User Experience: PWA is a combination of native app and webpage, giving user experience comparable to the native app without hassles attached to it. It has a user interface like an application.
  • Accessible Offline /Network Independent: PWA can work offline as well as on poor or weak network connectivity. You are not likely to get error messages. PWA is based on two distinctive parts. First, it has a framework of the app and page layout as well as headers. Second, an API called “service workers” caches data from the last internet interaction and makes it available even offline.
  • Platform Independent: Progressive Web Apps(PWAs) use emerging browser APIs together with native app-like user experience to cross platform web applications. In addition, PWAs are linkable and shareable using URLs.
  • Independent Of App Stores: The browser can distribute PWAs via URLs, and there is no need to visit App stores, but it’s also available at all three app stores. Although meeting requirements set by App Store, Google play store, or Microsoft store is a tedious and time consuming job.
  • Secure: PWAs follow HTTPS, which is a secure protocol, and security is very well handled by browsers. HTTPS protocol provides a high degree of data safety by preventing data snooping or modification.
  • PWA are Indexed By Google: As these web applications with URLs are similar to a website, so they can easily be indexed by Google. And it is also possible to use SEO with PWA. You can check your PWA using tools from Google. The score is based on loading speed, data safety, the relevance of the content.
  • Versatile: PWAs are created based on progressive principles and work on all browsers and devices, even upcoming devices.
  • No Updates: PWAs are enabled with functionality that updates automatically without notifying the user. However, some developers of PWA may inform users by sending push notifications. Thus, producers have full control of content, and users have access.
  • Adaptive: Smart brands have figured out and adjusted themselves with the incredible speed of technological changes. They are implementing adaptive technology such as PWAs to avoid repeated cycles of strategy, design, and development of digital solutions.
  • Rapidly Becoming Mainstream: With reduced development and maintenance cost, Search engine indexing benefits, automatic updates, mainstream security, and low data and space usage is attracting new companies and users alike. And it is very likely that digital space will be substantially different in the not very distant future.

Final Thoughts

PWAs have many benefits over native applications; these benefits include but are not limited to 15x faster load and install time, 25X lesser storage need, 137% increased engagement, or 52% increment in conversion. If you are a start-up or SMB (small and medium businesses), then progressive web applications can be a boon for you as they are highly cost-effective and can be developed and distributed.

Moreover, PWA also brings SEO benefits. And in all likelihood, usage of PWA is only going to increase, and it is also likely to bring many more progressive features and technology. In these days and times, when the attention span of the users is shrinking, one can not afford to take any shortcuts concerning user experience. I hope this article was able to help you understand and brought more clarity to this wonderful technology.

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