Top 6 Questions To Ask Before You Hire Shopify Developer

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Since the last decade, we have seen so much change in the online world. People are changing their ways of meeting new people and also leisure activities like shopping. The development of various platforms for different needs has led people to explore the digital world. There is a poll of applications like Tinder for meeting new people, Amazon for shopping. But have you ever wondered why Amazon is your go-to shopping app? It is because every application has a unique framework on which it is built. One of the many and popular eCommerce platforms is Shopify. Shopify is an online portal that allows you to build your eCommerce store at the expense of just a few dedicated hours.

The popularity of Shopify has made a lot of retail store owners think about expanding their business online. But, hiring Shopify developers can be a bit troublesome because most people have no experience in technical processes. So, what can you do when you want to hire Shopify developers for your business but don’t know what to expect from them?

Top 6 Questions To Ask Before You Hire Shopify Developers for eCommerce

We are here to ease your confusion. Here are some important questions that we have curated for you to ask Shopify developers before giving them the responsibility of building a website for your business.

1. How many years of experience do you hold in eCommerce development projects?

This question may sound a bit silly, but your entire conversation is based on this answer. You don’t want to trust an inexperienced rookie when handling the most important aspect of your business expansion. Creating and optimizing your eCommerce store is not as simple as it sounds. It would be best if you had an expert who can handle project requirements for optimizing a store of 2500 products.

Hiring Expert Shopify Developer

Building an eCommerce store is challenging because there is a plethora of pictures, payment gateways, checkout options, SEO optimization, and a gazillion other things. To build an eCommerce store that will stand the test of time and is compatible with trends, you need to hire Shopify developers with a vision, goal, and experience.

2. What are the latest and successful eCommerce projects you have worked on?

Indulge in this conversation only if you think you got a satisfactory answer to the last question. Asking a Shopify developer about their recent projects will give you an insight into their understanding of contemporary designs, user-friendly navigation, and building a non-complicated and errorless checkout process.

Asking for their portfolio will give you a clearer idea of many questions that would require answers before allying. You can ask relevant questions that you would want your developer to know before hiring them.

3. Do you have any experience in building SEO-friendly Websites?

Building a good-looking eCommerce store is not enough. It is pointless if your target audience has to scroll through a series of pages to reach your website. SEO is the sole reason your website ranks better on the web and gets higher traffic volume than other competitor websites. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the search queries must land on your eCommerce store.

Your Shopify developer must know how to build SEO-friendly websites that are searchable. Marketing and advertising should be a plan for growing your business but, SEO will allow your website to enjoy a high organic traffic volume for more conversion rates.

4. Tell me about the project management and communication tools you use.

Communication is vital when you hire Shopify developers to build you an impeccable Shopify store. After they start working on your project, you would want to ask for updates, know the status of work, and progress on the ongoing delegated tasks. You have trusted these developers to build you a successful empire; you should lead them with confidence. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to decide the mode of communication when you hire Shopify developers.

With a series of Project Management and Communication Tools options, your developer may be using Jira or Slack or Teams. Ask them if they would be flexible to adapt to a communication tool of your liking. You should be comfortable and familiar with the tool because your feedback and collaboration will affect the end product. It is essential to have a transparent and open channel of communication.

5. Can you execute data migration and integration?

If you are looking to transfer your existing data into a new eCommerce website, there are chances an inexperienced developer can miss out on important things while creating a new store from an existing one. The two most vital and systematic functions of any eCommerce platform, including Shopify, are data integration and migration. You will need an experienced Shopify developer for that, so hire accordingly.

6. Would you be able to optimize a store that is mobile-friendly?

With people spending their time behind screens, a survey says that most sales by the year 2021 will be driven through mobile eCommerce websites. Consumer trends are altering not only in their buying choices but also in terms of their preferring smartphones for shopping and leisure activities. Smartphones and tablets are the future of online shopping.

It is always better to hire Shopify developers who can optimize an eCommerce store compatible with various screens. Be open about your requirements and ask your Shopify developer to build a mobile-friendly eCommerce store.

Why ask these questions before hiring a Shopify Developer?

Asking these questions before hiring a Shopify developer is essential for:

  1. Ensuring Expertise: Confirming the developer’s experience in eCommerce, especially on Shopify.
  2. Project Experience: Assessing their past projects to gauge capabilities and quality of work.
  3. SEO and User Experience: Verifying their focus on SEO and user-friendly design for long-term success.
  4. Effective Communication: Understanding their communication tools for transparent project updates.
  5. Data Migration and Integration: Ensuring expertise in seamless data transfer and integration.
  6. Mobile Optimization: Confirming their ability to optimize the store for mobile, aligning with current trends


With the evolving technology, every business, small or big, has set foot in the world of online business. We as consumers have started adapting to the concept of online shopping, and businesses have started expanding their horizons with eCommerce stores. Online stores are the future of businesses, and you cannot afford to compromise with your eCommerce store, which is the face of your online business. So make an informed and well-thought decision before you hire Shopify developers because your growth and success depend on how they build your store.

Hiring Expert Shopify Developer

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