Top 7 Benefits of PSD to HTML Conversion for Websites in 2022

Top Benefits Of PSD To HTML Conversion

As we dive deeper into 2022, having a well-designed, responsive HTML design is no longer a choice. Responsive designs make it easier for visitors to view your site on different devices and browsers. Thus the demand for PSD to HTML convergence is soaring high as businesses look forward to revamping their digital presence amid the pandemic situation. Today we will go through the top 7 benefits that you can avail of by implementing PSD to HTML conversion. This article will be helpful to all industries and business sizes. So let’s get started with all technical and creative benefits you can get out of the migration:

1. Responsive Design That Provides Seamless Renderability Across All Device-OS-Browser Combinations

One of the biggest advantages of migrating from PSD to HTML is that your website will render properly across all device sizes, operating systems, and browsers. With PSD-based coding, your website will display unpredictably, making it tough for your visitors to view different website elements. The responsive design makes it possible for your visitors to access your site as it automatically adjusts to the resolution, browser preferences, and any OS constraints in almost no time. It is also possible to insert caching functionality after converting your website from PSD to HTML to render quick and accurate whenever the same visitor opens your website next time.

2. Get Higher Page Loading Speed Than PSD-Based Designs

One of the biggest downsides of using a PSD-based design in 2022 is to suffer from extremely high page loading times. As per the current norms, your website must load in under three seconds to keep your visitors hooked or else they might abandon your website quickly. This can be a major problem as the cost of attracting traffic through inbound-outbound marketing, paid advertising, and referral is involved. An HTML website gives you a much higher page loading speed.

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It will also add to your website’s user experience and overall performance, apart from increasing dwell time.

3. Grow Your Website With HTML’s Scalability And Flexibility

The two biggest advantages of implementing PSD to HTML conversion for growing businesses are scalability and flexibility. They act in synergy for facilitating quick changes on your website, which would otherwise be time consuming, costly, and vulnerable to mistakes in the case of PSD. For instance, you can easily copy the code of a particular web page on your site, create duplicates, and customize them quickly to meet your requirements. This is a common need for businesses building identical products. Similarly, you can also perform API-based integration to connect your website’s code with other technologies like PHP and JavaScript. Thus, it helps serve your evolving business requirements with high cost-efficiency.

4. Improve Your Brand Image

Having a website that doesn’t render properly across all popular screen sizes, device types, operating systems, and browsers can put your brand identity under a serious threat. This is because the visitors will find your business unreliable and unprofessional since having a properly functional website is a must in 2022. The only sites currently using PSD-based codes are fraudulent, scammer websites used mostly for forgery and unethical purposes. This also makes on-page SEO optimization easy. An HTML-based site ensures that all your branding elements, including logo, color palettes, fonts, and taglines, are displayed in the high visibility areas without any glitch.

5. Make The Most Out Of Dynamic Website Features

With a PSD-only website, you have to stick with static features. They will require you to hire dedicated developers for adding any content to your website. After successfully converting to HTML, you can enjoy the perks of having a dynamic website that include but not limited to content updation on-demand, utilizing features like carousels, full-fledged multimedia management, and display the data fetched from other web entities through third-party integrations. This opens doors to many UX and business opportunities as you can implement dynamic features according to your organizational requirements. If you are planning to host a blog on your website as a subdomain or subfolder, you can easily use a content management system (CMS) for publishing all content forms, including text, audio, and rich multimedia.

6 .Benefit From Better Code Hygiene

PSD-based websites don’t support the W3C coding standards, and this can call multiple problems, including your discoverability and site security. With HTML implementation, you can adhere to all W3C guidelines and another apparent benefit: code hygiene. You can expect much higher code hygiene which will help you with site updation, implementing third-party integrations, security measures, and troubleshooting. You don’t need to depend on your vendor in this case, as a website developed using hygienic code can be worked upon by any technical personnel. This also means that you can easily shift the maintenance and updation in-house if you choose to hire dedicated developers.

7. Get The SEO Benefits That Come With HTML Websites

As a combination of all advantages mentioned above, you will get some decent SEO benefits with PSD to HTML conversion. The increased website loading speed, cross-browser compatibility, dynamic content, and improved site security will help boost your SEO metrics. This includes enhanced visibility on the Google SERP. You can also add additional HTML coding for implementing site ratings, schemas, translation, and FAQs. It also helps running paid search engine marketing campaigns to easily track your results Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Thus, if you are looking forward to getting maximum returns on your marketing efforts and online presence, HTML is the right choice.

Wrap Up

We have gone through the top seven benefits of PSD to HTML conversion, but how do you find an ideal vendor? It takes the extensive exploration of different IT companies, evaluates their technical expertise, and negotiating finances. But you can always make the process easier by reaching out to Rao Information Technology.

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We have a team of seasoned technocrats and project managers who will understand your specific needs and deliver PSD to HTML conversion quickly and with due diligence. Contact us now.