Top 6 Reasons to Use Ionic Framework for your Next Million Dollar App Idea

ionic framework

Ionic Framework is an innovative development framework for structuring hybrid mobile applications. It is an open-source HTML5 framework that employs a mobile platform’s WebView. Hybrid applications offer a variety of advantages in comparison to native applications. Hybrid apps have high-speed and dependable platform support. Ionic 3, which is a contemporary version of Ionic, is modelled using Angular.

Ionic app development employs writing tools like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Ionic is essentially a UI framework that operates UI interactions of applications for designing interactive and beautiful components for native mobile applications.

Ionic offers various components and Themes, enabling developers to design applications with an effective and fully functional user interface. Ionic offers multiple options for light and dark themes for hybrid mobile app development.

Ionic offers some dependable elements like typography, base theme, and intelligent paradigms. For Ionic to be run as a native application, it needs to be developed using Ionic Command Line Interface (CLI) and a native wrapper like Cordova. The CLI comes with a default development server for its smooth functioning.

How Will Ionic Framework Benefit Your Business Fast?

Ionic is your best bet when you want an open-source platform for cross-platform mobile application development. There are several benefits of using Ionic Framework for your mobile application development:

  • Employs Easy techniques: Ionic framework uses simpler techniques that are easier to comprehend. Experienced developers familiar with CSS, HTML, or JavaScript frameworks can learn and develop applications using the Ionic framework with ease. If any company requires to switch to the Ionic framework for hybrid app development, they can do it without any complications.
  • Supports Cross-platform development: The Ionic framework is compatible with Android 4.1 and up, iOS 7 and up, and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) for developing Windows 10 apps. The versatile components of Ionic make it easier to build applications with great ease and expertise.
  • Flexible User Interface: Ionic app development offers various themes and components that can be customized to the user’s needs. One of its main features is that Ionic allows components to modify according to the platform on which it is running.
  • Set up using Angular: Since ionic employs Angular, the developers can benefit from the many functionalities it provides. Angular is a popular framework among developers because it creates a dependable structure, making code manageable. It robustly allows hybrid mobile app development.
  • Better Performance: Hybrid mobile app development is more efficient by adopting Ionic with native mobile application development in Phone Gap (Apache Cordova). Ionic makes use of CSS progression to leverage the GPU and increase the processor time.
  • Utilizes Cordova Plugins: Designers can access a variety of components because Ionic app development uses Cordova plugins to acquire features like a Camera, GPS, Flashlight, and many more. Developers can use these modules for hybrid mobile app development.

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Ionic Framework

Conclusion About Considering Ionic Framework:

Ionic is the perfect choice for consumers looking to develop a high-quality application compatible with several mobile platforms. Ionic doesn’t require you to compromise on quality and design for a high-speed and functional application. Even though developers widely use ionic, it creates special applications with robust capacities and functions.

The ionic framework also enables a cost-effective development process that is fast and doesn’t require much maintenance. The ionic framework needs the developers to use a certain skill set for smooth functioning. This skill set enables developers to acquire an effective application because of its use of Angular. Build a new and robust application for your business with Ionic app development.