PRISMA NOTE – Case Study

Prisma Note

About – Prisma Note

A robotized Marketplace which is a one-stop answer for Companies, providers,distributors, retailers & gives this 4 noteworthy clients Coordination, Validation, Security, Availability, Transparency, & so forth.

Business Needs

  • The customer from the Netherlands accompanied a thought for a web-based interface. He was enlivened by his dad’s watch brand – “Prisma” & needed to have an online nearness to cover the entire Netherlands.
  • He thought to have a web-based interface which has all the computerized purchasing & offering for Retailers, Companies, Suppliers, & wholesalers.
  • This entrance would likewise have a singular web builder for Retailer’s shop.
  • The gateway would work like; Retailers purchase from Suppliers – Suppliers purchases from Wholesaler – Wholesaler purchases from Companies.
Business Need

Specialized Target

  • Structure and build up an online interface for Automated purchasing & offering framework
  • 4 noteworthy User
    • Companies
    • Wholesalers
    • Suppliers
    • Retailers
  • A web builder for retailers. This can dispatch the possess brand & site utilizing the PrismaNote gateway.
  • The client need to have the entry on AWS
  • Administrator can oversee & confirm Retailers, Companies, Suppliers, & wholesalers, brand, products, collections, orders, purchase order, etc.
  • At the point when nobody i.e. Retailers, Companies,Suppliers, & wholesalers is unable to answer to a customer then the Admin would react to the prerequisites.

Our Solution

  • Checked and anchored Signup
  • Login
  • Administrator Panel to oversee and check Companies, Wholesalers, Suppliers, Retailer.
  • A database which permits transferring 10000 products at any given moment.
  • Definite dashboard for Retailers, Companies, Suppliers, & wholesalers.
  • Stock Management
  • Retailer Shop Management
  • As a matter of course Social Media Advertisement
  • CRM for Retailer for overseeing Client
  • Organizations would have an area for repairing of watches.
  • Money Registry
  • Computerized CUSTOMER CONTACT
  • Email Notifications
  • Installment by means of Credit Card, Debit Card, and COD