8 Reasons Why Your WordPress Website Is Down or Not Working – Explained

Facing Wordpress Down Time?

There are several reasons you might find it difficult to login into your WordPress account. One of the primary reasons you can’t get access to your dashboard or login page is that your WordPress website is down.

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However, there is no reason to panic, as there are simple answers to why your WordPress website has a server issue. Mentioned below are a few prerequisites to check and help you when your WordPress website is down. You can try and resolve these problems on your own before asking for WordPress support.

8 Reasons Why Your WordPress Website Is Down – Explained

Ensure Connectivity:

The initial step to figuring out what is wrong with your WordPress login is to make sure all your connections are plugged into orderly sockets and correct ports. You also need to ensure that your internet connection has good bandwidth and is supporting your device. It is necessary to check these basics so that you don’t put your head through the wall when you find out you’ve got all your wires in haywire.

Ask Around For Connection Issues:

Ask For Connection Issues For WordPress

A lot of the time, other users around you may be facing similar issues. It is better to ask if any other users have the same ongoing issue with their WordPress login. If you feel it is only you facing the issues, several online services will assist you. Simple tools like Down for everyone of Just me, will assess your website for multiple locations and let you know if there’s a problem with only your connection.

In case your website shows a recurring error of “site not found”, it indicates that your DNS has not been updated. Therefore, it is essential to keep your DNS updated to avoid any such interference in the future. Updating your DNS usually takes up to 24 hours, so be mindful of that. However, if your DNS is up to date, it is recommended to try and force the page to reload. An easy way to reload your page is to click Ctrl +F5 on Windows and Cmd+R on Mac. This command enables you to access your page directly from the server.

You can also keep checking the progress of your website by using tools like Pingdom. The purpose of these websites is to check your website’s status by pinging from multiple locations. An additional advantage of this tool is that it will notify you when your WordPress website is down.

Ensure Domain Validity:

Going back to the basics is the first step to finding out why your WordPress website is down. When you choose a domain name for your website, it comes with an expiry date. When your WordPress website is down, don’t forget to check if you have missed any renewal notice. To check if your domain registration is still valid, you can open whois site and enter your website URL. Whois give you a quick assessment of your domain validity and numerous other details about your website.

Incapacity to Access Website: 

Many times, when you feel your WordPress website is down, you might be unable to access it. There are a few quick fixes that you can try before contacting WordPress support.

1. Incomplete Updates:

Many times, when you try to update your WordPress website, you may be handed a maintenance error while loading any given page. This error happens because there was a timeout before your WordPress could step out of its current maintenance mode. Therefore, you need to remove this file that WordPress creates during the update process.

2. Inappropriate File Permissions:

In order for your WordPress website to run smoothly, the auto-update must function correctly. WordPress creates temporary files during installation that need to be writeable.

3. Safe Mode:

You can try turning off the safe mode in your httpd.config file, and then start Apache again.

4. Manual Update:

In any case, if your WordPress website shows a “Fatal Error,” you can always switch your settings to manual update.

Account Suspension:

A majority of the hosting services have the power to suspend your account if it has been unpaid for a while. You are usually notified with an email about the unpaid account, so pay attention to any emails that you may have missed. Make sure that you have all the billing information appropriately listed to avoid missing any critical deadlines.

Server Experiencing Downtime:

Wordpress Website Server Down

If your WordPress website is down, it may be due to your server. If your server is experiencing a low down, you might be unable to access your website. If your website is making excessive use of any resources that exceed your website’s bandwidth, this might also cause your WordPress site to experience downtime. Ensure that you choose dependable hosting websites to get 100% WordPress support when your WordPress website is down.

Plugin/Theme Issues:

You should always choose reliable plugins and themes for your WordPress website to function correctly. Uncertain plugins and themes don’t function well with the core of WordPress and can also cut you off entirely from WordPress. Ensure that you purchase your plugins and themes from well-known and trustworthy places. For example, you can purchase your WordPress plugins from Best WordPress Plugins.

WordPress Hacking: 

Hacked WordPress Website

In unfortunate cases, when you are unable to access your WordPress website for a more extended period, you may have been hacked. WordPress is one of the safest hosting websites, but sometimes bots can gain access to your WordPress website with multiple attempts. In such cases, contact your hosting provider and stay in constant touch with them, as it is their responsibility to step up and help you.

It is highly possible that your website is hacked if you are unable to access it for a longer period. To check and be sure whether your website has been hacked, you can run a sucuri check and assess the results.

Summing Up: 

It can be an overwhelming and chaotic experience being blocked out of your WordPress website. However, don’t assume the worst and try to resolve the issues by trying the ways mentioned above when you feel your WordPress website is down. Numerous reliable posts can help you with troubleshooting. It is essential to know when to ask for help when you are unable and in no capacity to come out of this on your own.

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