8 Quick and Easy Tips for You to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

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One of the main reasons you are losing your sales is because of the shopping cart abandonment on your website. Many businesses face shopping cart abandonment and lose their customers because customers don’t finish the checking out process and quit mid-way.

Have you been trying to recede the rate of shopping cart abandonment on your website but are confused about where to begin? This blog will help you with some tips to reduce your shopping cart abandonment. However, first, let’s look at what exactly shopping cart abandonment means and why we need to pay attention to it.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

In simple words, shopping cart abandonment is when your customers add items to their online cart but don’t check out and leave before paying.

It is necessary to bring your attention to this and take this seriously. If you think this is a silly thing for your eCommerce sales going down, you are missing many opportunities and a lot of revenue. Statistics state that 2 out of three people will abandon a cart without making any money transactions on average.

However, we are here with good news and believe us when we tell you; you can stop this. This blog has efficient tips for driving up your sales and driving down your shopping cart abandonment.

What Are The Best Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Here are proven and tried solutions to reduce your shopping cart abandonment:

  • Offer Free Shipping: A great incentive for your customers to make a transaction on your website is to offer them a free of cost shipping service. A majority of people abandon their cart because they feel the shipping costs are high.Your shipping cost maybe just a small amount for you, considering what products you sell. However, offering free shipping will have a positive psychological impact on your customers when they opt to review their shopping checkout forms.Offering free shipping might not be feasible for a lot of websites. Another way to reduce your shopping cart abandonment is to be open and upfront about your shipping costs throughout the entire process.
  • Authorize Guest Checkout: Another great way to ensure a lesser shopping cart abandonment rate is to enable guest checkout on your website. Your customers shouldn’t feel obliged to go through the lengthy process of creating an account before checking out on your order form.The more time you ask people to invest during the checkout process, the more likely they are to abandon it. Offering a guest checkout will also speed up the entire process and give your customers and sense of ease. A great way to ask people to create an account is to offer them a registration after completing their purchase.
  • Enable Multiple Payment Options: The most common reason for shopping cart abandonment is because most of the sites don’t offer varied options for payment. Different buyers have different preferences when it comes to making transactions after purchase. Offering multiple payment solutions will bring in more customers to shop from your website.Allowing people to choose from a variety of options is an excellent way to reduce your shopping cart abandonment process.
  • Display a sense of urgency: Incentives like countdown timers, limited-time offers, and special discounts are a great way to create a sense of urgency and push your customers in the direction of making a purchase before abandoning. Encourage your visitors to complete the checkout process with a countdown. Shopify and WordPress offer some really great ways to add a countdown option. Give these options a try and reduce your shopping cart abandonment.
  • Email/Reminders: The most feasible and easiest way to reduce shopping cart abandonment is to nudge your customers. Remind them that they have left a cart filled with products and nudge them to complete the checkout. You can set up an automatic form of emails to be sent to the email address they have entered.These emails and reminders will give them an opportunity to finish their purchase. Doesn’t it sound convincing and easy? Try it.
  • Make Navigation Easy: Customers don’t want to invest their time in multiple and unnecessary clicks. The more clicks you require them to make, the more likely they are to abandon the cart. Keep the navigation simple and easy.
    • Choose and product.
    • Add to cart.
    • Click the “checkout” button.
    Keeping your website’s navigation simplified and manageable will help the customers to complete the purchase. Organize your product categories neatly and make selection easy.
  • Present a Visual Story: Your website’s visual appeal is the first thing that attracts your customers. Build your website in a way that your customers know your products inside out. Make use of videos, high-resolution photos and other media to give the customer a glimpse of your products.
    • Add a variety of photos of each product from every angle.
    • Make use of high-resolution images.
    • Include product pictures that narrate a story of how the product will benefit the customer
    • Show the customers how to use the products and their features in a detailed video.
    • Adding videos to your product pages will add value to the benefits of your products.
  • Add Social Proof: When customers are about to make a purchase, nothing will convince them more to buy the product than seeing another customer benefit from it. You don’t want your customers to withdraw their purchases because of their fear about the products.

Here are a few ways to add social proof to your website:

  • Take a follow-up with your customers and encourage them to provide a product review.
  • Feature testimonials on other landing pages of your website.

Shopping Cart Abandonment is the most common reason why businesses suffer a loss in their sales. Offering incentives is an excellent way to drop your shopping cart abandonment rates. Keeping your customers engaged to spend more time during the checkout process will lead to a boring interaction and push the customers to leave. These tips are the best ways you can reduce shopping cart abandonment on your website. So, there they are, some quick and easy tips to make your business thrive and drive your sales up.

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