5 Essential Steps to Hire The Best Employees For Community Pharmacy

Hire The Best Employees

The growth of your business depends on a lot of factors, but a crucial asset to help you row your boat to the shore of success is your employees. No matter the kind of business you are in, your employees are very important. In a competitive business world, finding the correct people to do the job is not easy as some people might think. There are many factors at play other than their qualifications to find the perfect person for the job.

You must think of hiring an employee that has the right attitude toward the job, rather than just looking at whether they went to school or not. When you hire an employee for your community pharmacy, it is more than their capability to do their job, but more of an investment that should return. We say it should provide a return because you will need to invest your time to train, the money to equip them with computers, desks, and other investments like payrolls and taxes.

Finding and hiring the right employee for pharmacy is a deeper process than just looking at their resume and cover letter. A person’s qualification doesn’t guarantee they have acquired the skills they need for the job or have the apt values to make them fit in your pharmacy’s culture. Instead, you have to find that one missing piece of the puzzle, i.e., your employee, which completes your picture of a successful business.

To make it a little easier for you, we have a few hiring strategies that will help you find the best person to do the job and increase the value of your pharmacy business.

  • Disclose the Details Clearly: The most important step to start with is to reveal the details of the job. State the requirements of the skills required for the job and list things you expect from the candidates to decide if they are a good fit for your organization. After this, make a list of skill-based, personal questions to know your employee and questions that clarify your expectations for the interview.
  • Evaluate and Analyze Before Hiring: A personal interview can give you deeper insights into the candidate’s personality, sincerity towards the job, skills, and experience. There are many aptitude tests available to access if the candidate is a fit person for the job. The Winslow Assessment Test is one of the most reliable tools that pharmacists have been using for years. It is a 20-minute test that evaluates the candidate’s attitude, abilities to adapt, emotional intelligence, and potential comprehensively and detailed. This test can help you decide a sort out the best fitting candidates for your pharmacy business.
  • Personality Analysis: The pharmacy business has different roles, and these roles require a different set of skills and strengths, which are usually dependent on the personality types. Although it might not seem important, a person’s personality can greatly impact how they fulfill their role. Everyone has a different personality, and it is your job to hire a person fit for that role. Depending on their personality, you should hire a person who will enjoy their job and bring relevant skills to the job. Like an outgoing and talkative person might be a great fit for the sales team but not for an accounting job. Personality plays a key role in any job, and you need to make sure you evaluate a person’s personality traits before you hire them to be a part of your team.
  • Involve Your Team: After all, the person you will hire will become a part of your team. So, an interesting way to see if a candidate will be a good fit for your team is to introduce them to your pharmacy team and record their experience. Ask your team members to evaluate the candidate and consider how the candidate interacts with them. The ultimate decision is eventually yours, but your team’s feedback can help you make an informed decision.
  • Check Social Media: A person’s social media profile is like a virtual resume that can tell you a lot about the person. Take a quick look at the candidate’s social media profile or do a quick Google search. Their interaction on social media will give you an idea of what they will bring to your team. The social media behavior of a person tells you a lot about their personality and can indicate how they can fit in your team to drive your pharmacy to success.

Why Research Online Before Hiring Employees for Your Pharmacy?

Qualification and Credentials Verification: Online research allows you to verify the educational qualifications and professional credentials of potential candidates. You can check if they have the necessary degrees, certifications, and licenses required to work in a pharmacy

Background Checks: Online platforms provide access to background check services, allowing you to investigate a candidate’s criminal history, credit history, and employment history. This helps ensure the safety and reliability of your pharmacy staff

Professional Reputation: Platforms like LinkedIn and other professional networking sites allow you to assess a candidate’s professional reputation. You can review their work history, endorsements, and recommendations from colleagues and supervisors, giving you insights into their professional conduct and performance.

Social Media Screening: Social media platforms can provide additional information about a candidate’s personal life and behavior outside of work. While it’s essential to respect privacy, publicly available information can offer insights into a candidate’s character and potential alignment with your pharmacy’s values.

Cultural Fit: Researching online helps you understand a candidate’s interests, affiliations, and online presence. This information can be valuable in assessing whether they would be a good cultural fit for your pharmacy team.

Skills & Expertise Showcase: Candidates often use online platforms to showcase their skills and expertise. Reviewing their profiles, blogs, or portfolios can give you a better understanding of their capabilities and how well they align with the needs of your pharmacy.

In conclusion, these strategies will help you in hiring a team of the best candidates that can handle various aspects of your business is the most crucial step. Finding the right person might be a tedious and time consuming job, but it is what will make your business grow faster. Not investing time and interest in the hiring process will cause huge damage to your pharmacy business and will cost you more than you can imagine. So, take time to look for the right candidate, and avoid hiring in a rush. Find a candidate who will dedicate their time, enjoy their job and bring value to your team, rather than hiring someone in a rush who will quit abruptly and avoid investing the assets into someone who will bear no returns and will cost you a load of money.

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