Rao Information Technology provides software development and web design solutions to clients in India and around the globe.

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Build a Dedicated Development Team of IT Professionals

It’s time to save up to 50% on development costs with competent developers and a dream team! According to your requirements, we can provide you with a dedicated resource or a development team of IT professionals that is cost-effective & flexible to work with. 

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Hire Dedicated Developers with Diverse Skill Sets

Being a successful IT Staff augmentation company, we understand the value of talented IT professionals. They are an integral part of the execution processes. When you have great ideas and IT projects to work on, you need highly skilled Developers alongside. Our staff augmentation services are here to take responsibility!

Onboard Dedicated IT Experts like

Software Developers


QA Specialists

DevOps Engineers

Cloud Architects

Team leads

Mobile App Developers

A Dedicated Development Team for Your Success

Accountable & Reliable

We understand the importance of a reliable team. It is fundamental to success. Thus, our teams are trained in such a way that you can rely on them. Whether it is about technical skills or accountability, our team of IT professionals won’t let you down. Even if you’re working with a single dedicated resource, we ensure everything is streamlined for your project's success.

Get Expert Support

Working on great ideas and making them a success is not easy. There are lots of challenges on the way. But we can make it possible with expertise, experience, and smart minds! When you choose to hire a dedicated team with Rao IT, you get complimentary expert support. This will enable you to face project challenges with ease.

Custom Staffing

You might require IT professionals with unique skill-set and varied experience in the field of technology. To fulfill your custom IT staffing needs, we can provide you with the right consulting and services that are cost-effective.

Technology Proficiency

To fulfill your requirements, it’s crucial to take advantage of numerous technologies available. We can deploy individual resources or a dedicated team for your project with relevant work experience in distinct technologies.








React Native


Microsoft Azure
Digital Ocean


Apache JMeter


Dynamo DB



Version Control:


The Ultimate Offshore Development Company You Need.

We make great IT staff augmentation services accessible to our clients around the world in countries like Canada, the UK, the USA, etc.
Completion Rate
Projects Completed
Years of Experience

Need an Offshore Software Development Team for Your Project?

We have been providing IT staff augmentation services for the last 5 years and we’ve come across varied necessities. Fortunately, our dedicated resources and teams have successfully done it! Does the thought of creating a team for your next project scare you? Do not worry! Hire our dedicated development team and see the magic happen!

Hire Offshore Developers for

Mobile app development

Web app development


SaaS Development

Cloud development

Kiosk software development

E-commerce development

Hire Dedicated Development Team at the Right Prices

Hire Developers Hourly

$ 20 Hourly
  • Perfect for a
    short-term project

Hire Developers Monthly

$ 2880 Monthly
  • Suitable for a
    medium-sized project

Hire Developers For 6 Months

$ 2400 6 Months
  • Preferable for a
    long-term project

Steps to hire dedicated developers for your IT project

Now, you might be wondering, Everything sounds alright but, How do I hire a dedicated developer? Fortunately, it is easy to get started.
Connect and discuss project requirements.
We’ll send you the resumes of the filtered candidates
Conduct screening of the suitable candidates
Shortlist candidates and interview them
Select the right-fit candidates and add them to your project.
Connect and discuss project requirements.
We’ll send you the resumes of the filtered candidates
Conduct screening of the suitable candidates
Shortlist candidates and interview them
Select the right-fit candidates and add them to your project.

Benefits of Hiring Development Team with
RAO Information Technology

Quality Projects

Have you got a great idea? Amazing! We have the top IT talent to turn your project idea into a reality! We make sure that the project we deliver is up to the mark and always better than it is expected to be. Team of dedicated developers

Transparent process

Honesty is the best policy, right? To achieve project success, we believe in doing what is beneficial for our clients. With regular updates, honest communication, and timely check-ins, we set an example of honesty & transparency.

Accomplish More & Faster with

IT Professionals in our team are result-oriented, and believe in executing actively. Also, our teams are stable and dedicated. This ultimately leads to quicker results. Hiring dedicated software engineers with RAO IT enables you to reach the finish line faster!

Need assistance? We respond quickly

Our team of expert software engineers & other tech specialists are passionate about their work. And when you hire a development team with us, we fulfill our responsibilities to provide constant support and answers to your questions.


We are an IT company with creative solutions delivering successful projects not only in India but countries like the UK, Canada, the USA, and many more across the globe.

First-hand Communication

You have direct access to your chosen team. We give you full access to direct communication with our team through video calls, and visual meetings to keep your progress in check.

Cost-effective Dedicated team

Providing cost-effective services has been one of our key factors since the beginning. We assure you that you get the maximum value in return for your money! We are known for delivering cost-effective IT Staff Augmentation at the best prices not only in India but also in other countries like the UK, USA, Canada, etc.

We design and develop for users

We are a team of dedicated developers who are passionate about what they do. We develop and design solutions for users. Our innovative solutions are focused on creating user-friendly apps and software.

Complete control

With a dedicated team of developers, you have complete control over the project's completion. You are in command, the team is essentially yours for the life of the contract arrangement, and you have complete control over the team's resources. Usually offshore development teams work on numerous projects simultaneously; a dedicated team works on your project alone; they are accessible whenever you need them and are only focused on your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I hire a development team for my project?
    Hiring a dedicated development team is easy and cost-effective now all you need to do is drop us a message with your requirements, interview the candidates and hire the perfect fit for your project.
  • 2. What is the cost of hiring a dedicated developer?
    Hiring a dedicated developer for your project can cost around $50/ hour to $85/ hour. Depending on the expertise required of the developer, the prices might defer. Hire an expert dedicated developer or team that is cost-effective
  • 3. What is the best way to hire a dedicated developer?
    Rao IT can help you hire a Dedicated developer. The best way you should do it is to look for an authentic IT staff augmentation company and interview some relevant candidates to choose the right fit for your project.
  • 4. When should I hire a dedicated developer?
    Do you have an idea to implement or a technical project to complete? Whether it is a cloud application, Mobile app, or e-commerce website. If you do not have enough resources to build it, it is the perfect time to hire a dedicated developer or team of experienced developers. Add a Dedicated developer to your project today!
  • 5. Why should I prefer IT Staff augmentation services?
    • IT staff augmentation services guarantee highly efficient deliveries.
    • They allow you to deploy top IT talent to your project at affordable prices.
    • No geographical boundaries. Hire dedicated developers around the globe.
    • IT staff augmentation services can help you cut development costs.
  • 6. How do I choose a Dedicated development team?
    Choosing a dedicated development team is easier with RAO IT. We have a group of talented IT professionals with diverse skill sets. From DevOps engineers to creative web designers, we make it convenient for you to pick the right candidates and choose a dedicated team for your project

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