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Data was complex, we made it simple & even more worthy!

We help you analyze data with ease so that you can detect errors and make accurate decisions to grow your business faster. Data is important, let's make the most out of it!

Let’s Know What Exactly Data Analytics Is:

The graphical or visual depiction of data is known as data analytics. It makes it simpler to discover trends, patterns, outliers, and correlations by highlighting the most valuable information from a dataset.

Assume you are given a spreadsheet with rows and rows of data. You won’t be able to comprehend the data unless you dig into it, and it’s doubtful that you’ll see trends and patterns at first sight. Consider how the same data might look in a bar chart or on a color-coded map. Isn’t it much simpler to see what the data is telling you?

Our Data Analytics Services

Varied use cases, One solution!

FINANCIAL analytics

We help businesses track and analyze their finances in an effective way to make their decision making accurate and easier.

business PERFORMANCE TRACKING & analytics

Our data analytics services also help corporate businesses to track and analyze their financial performance. The goal is to help them optimize their revenue strategies.

Not just this, we can also help you analyze the performance of your hardware used in the business for various requirements. Keeping track of hardware manually is a tough process to do. Our visually appealing and in-depth hardware performance reports make the task easier for you.


It is essential to track team performance to identify gaps and improve productivity of the organization. Our detailed reports are the right way to analyze team performance, define what needs to be done & take the right decisions that will show positive results in the future.

Along with this, HR analysis reports can be a handful tool to determine better performers, analyze candidate data and current organizational openings to search for the best fit candidates.

ONLINE MARKETING performance analytics

We provide businesses with detailed Online ADs analysis reports to help them determine what’s working and what’s not. These reports help them understand trends, analyze how their campaigns are working in various types of audiences with varied demographics interests and more.

These ad reports help businesses gain better understanding about their audiences so that they can optimize their ad campaigns with ease.


Enable timely asset maintenance with categorized and in-depth asset reports at your fingertips. Visualize the complete data of Deadstock, assets in use, along with the gadgets and devices that require maintenance efforts in just a single report.

With our asset management reports, you can keep an eye on critical asset status and get the maintenance done on the regular time intervals.

Platforms we use to deliver great Data Analytics services:

Data Analytics Platforms

Google Data Studio

We create detailed reports that help users analyze data effectively and with ease. This powerful platform is user friendly yet very useful to integrate data analytics in businesses.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is also a widely adopted platform to integrate Data Analytics in businesses. It makes data analysis convenient with its offline data viewing apps.


google Sheets

Sheets act as a reliable and always available data source that is integrated with Data Studio to generate reports for presenting complex data in a better way.

Other tools & softwares

We make it possible to gather your data from various CRMs, Project management tools like Jira, HubSpot, etc., and create data analysis reports that tell a story!

free & Ready To Use Data Studio Report Templates

Ad Master (Coming Soon)

Ad Master allows you to analyze your digital ad performance by generating in-depth analytics reports with just a few clicks!

Assetrics (Coming Soon)

Assetrics lets you monitor and maintain numerous assets in your office, institutions, etc. All you have to do is record the assets' data into a Google sheet and generate Google Data Studio reports with Assetrics!

Spend Eagle

Using Spend Eagle, you will be able to generate expense reports in just a few minutes. Our ready-to-use expense report template lets you analyze data in an effective way.

Jira Reports (Coming Soon)

Measure the team productivity, number of tasks done, and track the status of bugs, issues, etc. assigned to the different team members with our free Jira report template.


  • 1. How will Data Analytics benefit my business?
    Data Analytics helps you present and understand your data in a better way. According to research, “The businesses who integrate data analytics into their business are 6 times more likely to make faster decisions than competitors. And 4 times more likely to implement them as considered.
  • 2. Will I get help with custom Data Analytics for my business?
    We have already created some data studio report templates to help you with Data Analytics for various parts of your business like
    • Team performance organization
    • Asset management
    • Online marketing performance analysis
    • Expense reporting, etc.
    Along with these reports, we can also fulfill your custom data intelligence needs. Let’s connect to discuss your requirements.
  • 3. How do I make the most out of my data to grow my business?
    Data analytics/visualization will help you make accurate decisions and take required actions too. This ultimately leads to better results and growth of your organization’s productivity, revenue, etc.
  • 4. How does Data Analytics help small businesses?
    Data Analytics helps in determining the health of a business organization without working hard on analyzing critical stats! It makes the process of Data Analytics easy and simple so that business owners can focus on what is essential,
  • 5. How does Data Analytics help in better decision making?
    With data analytics and visualization through detailed reports, you will be able to analyze stats easily and predict what’s coming up. This allows you to see a broader picture and make accurate decisions for your business.

make the most out of
your data & grow faster!