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Follow the below written steps to copy the required assets and generate your first expense report.

Step 1

Google Sheet (To record your expenses)

Step 2

Data Studio Expense Report Template (To generate detailed expense reports)

Step 3

Once you click “Copy Template Button” , you will be redirected to the data studio template. From the top right corner, click “More options” & Make A Copy of the expense report template.

Step 4

Select “Select Your Own Data Source”

Step 5

Select “Google Sheets”

Step 6

Select “Copy of Retail Business data” (This is the copy of sheet you copied in the first step!)

Step 7

Select an appropriate worksheet

Step 8

From the top right corner Click the “Connect”

Step 9

From the top right corner Click the “Add to report”

Step 10

Click the “Copy report” and that’s it!

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