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The LifeTrack App

Life Track is an innovative app focused on helping you become emotionally healthy, and expressive.

About The Project

Life Track is one of the innovative platforms which record your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. It will summarise your emotional reaction to various situations and activities to help understand what makes you happy in the long and short run. Using lifetrack you can now learn about what is good for you and develop awareness for the things you need, want and enjoy.

Rao Information Technology finds this project a truly unique exercise for its technical team since the owners wanted to come up with a very simple design and minimal clutter while using the app so that users could note down the details often without affecting their daily activities.

The app allows the users to rate their experiences throughout the day on a scale from 1 to 10 and reflect on what happens in their life and inside them. Lifetrack is designed to help users learn how to recognize their emotional patterns and find what they can do to avoid emotionally draining experiences.

Key Features
  • The users can score the day from a scale of 1-10 based on your emotions on a daily basis.
  • Users can write a note as well as record their thoughts for a specific day, learn what is good for them and develop awareness for the things they need, want and enjoy.
  • Schedule Daily Reminders to remind them about entering the score, thoughts or recordings.
  • Check the weekly average of scores to keep track of their mental health. This feature also helps track down the effects of making positive changes over a period of time.

The LifeTrack App is developed for both iOS and Android platforms and it also uses Firebase as an important component of its infrastructure.