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Platform OMS

Platform OMS is the next-gen office automation solution that innovates how businesses

Platform OMS provides an ingenious and artful approach to analyze and evaluate your needs, designs and requirements and implement a solution that is user-friendly, intuitive and bespoke to you as a business.

About The Project

Platform OMS is one of the most innovative and customizable online platforms for workflow automation. It provides the users with a leave management system (LMS), employee management system (EMS) along with automated reporting and file management.

It also provides standardized online occupational health process management which enhances working hours utilization. It helps store documents safely on the Amazon cloud. Platform OMS also lets you schedule jobs for your employees based on their roles and notify them via push notification or email.

For the rail industry, Platform OMS offers the ultimate solution to Fatigue Management, Competence Management, Planning, Accident Management, Asset Management, and issuing industry updates and documents to staff with read reports.

Thus, Rao Information Technology pulled off a mammoth task in this project and it involved technical experts as well as management consultants.

Key Features
  • The Platform OMS provides a comprehensive ERP System which is both flexible and robust enough to handle multiple industry types.
  • A quick and secure file sharing and management system.
  • A module to help you host online courses and assignments.
  • Digitalized assignment allotment and assessment system.
  • A comprehensive Competency Management System.
  • By creating a course on platform OMS they help you provide a real-time course progress tracking system, where you track the students progress on the particular course.
  • Helps you with the Attendance System with Signature Pads for the students accessing the course.
  • Quiz builder system helps you build quizzes for the course as a part of the online evaluation.
Angular Js
AWS S3 Buckets
Angular Js
Node JS

The Platform OMS was one of the most challenging projects whose technical implementation involved advanced technologies like Node.JS, Angular, MongoDB, and AWS S3. It has one of the most stable and advanced technological stacks which gives Platform OMS a competitive edge over its rivals.