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BluTect 706

BluTect 706 app is the perfect companion for your smartwatches. Get all your health metrics right from calories burnt to sleep hours on your fingertips.

About The Project

The major driver behind building BluTect 706 was bringing all health and wellness features under one umbrella and providing users with easy to understand statistics. The project involved collaborating with the client’s marketing team as well as health experts and we are proud of the results. The BluTect 706 app beautifully packs a myriad of features in an engaging UI.

Key Features
  • BluTect 706 helps keep a track of steps, heart rate, distance covered, and other metrics using smartwatch data
  • It stores the data in your mobile phone for generating progressive records.
  • Helps receive app notifications on your smartwatch for a great user experience
  • It ensures that your smartwatch stays connected with the phone.
  • The app supports data visualization for sharing graphical representations of data for better understanding.

The BluTect 706 app is developed for Android users and it also utilizes the Wearable SDK to support a broad range of smartwatches and other fitness gadgets