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Using Spend Eagle, you will be able to generate your expense reports quickly. Our ready-to-use expense report template lets you analyze data in an effective way. Connect your Google Sheet to the data studio and generate flawless reports in minutes. Generate your first report now, it’s FREE!

Spend Eagle is a Suitable Expense Report Template for Numerous Industries & Personal Use

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Financial Service Sector

Coaches Or Tutors

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Why switch to Spend Eagle?

To deliver 100%, you need to be productive and work on fundamental tasks. And thus, you might want to ignore the lengthy procedures. Manual expense tracking can be a time taking process. And generating insightful reports is not an easy task. In such situations, working smart is the right option. Spend Eagle shows up as a solution here. It helps you keep a record of expenses and lets you generate monthly expense reports easily. Visually appealing yet detailed reports are all you need for the perfect analysis.

Expense & Transaction Report + Sheet

Choose An Expense Report Template For Your Business

Power of Google Sheets & Data Studio

The best way to track and generate monthly expense reports for free. Record your expenses with google Sheets and generate detailed reports with our template made with Data Studio. 

Expense & Transaction Report

Data Studio Report

Detailed expense report to help you analyze more effectively. FAST, SECURE, RELIABLE & FREE!

Expense & Transaction Sheet

Expense Management Sheet

Connect your existing Google sheet to our ready-to-use report template and generate detailed reports.


Free & Compatible

Spend Eagle is FREE to use and works well for various use cases. Generate detailed and insightful expense reports for free.


Are you a business owner and need a business expense report regularly? Spend Eagle can help. Automate expense reporting today!

In-depth Reports

Generate expense reports with ease. No more hard work is required.

Sharable & Customizable

Our expense report template is easily shareable and customizable.

Record Expenses

Keep a record of your expenses with Google sheets. They are reliable and always available.

Fits In Every Industry

Whether you’re a vendor, student, or an Administrator at any organization, you can track your expenses and generate reports with Spend Eagle

Expense Report Template

How to get started using the Expense Report Template?

Want to start tracking monthly expenses via Google sheets? It’s easy, secure, and free! All you need to do is download the expense report template & get started by filling the data in the google sheet.

Spend Eagle makes tracking and reporting expenses easy! Here are its Ultimate Benefits

You May Have These Questions! (FAQs)

We understand the importance of tracking and analyzing your transaction and expenses. To ease up this task for you, we created this multi-purpose template to help you track your finances. You just need to update your data to a google sheet and connect it with our free expense report template. By doing this, you’ll be able to generate effective reports and track your expenses easily.

Gone are the days when you had to maintain Excel sheets to generate reports! Let’s do it faster than ever. Creating a Business Expense report with Spend Eagle is easy and quick. All you need to do is download the free expense report template and customize it for your personalized use.

It’s easy to create an expense report online. Use Spend Eagle,  the free expense report template specially designed for students, retail businesses, educational institutions, the finance service sector, IT companies, etc.

Our expense report template is free to use with current features. But if you need specialized features or refined functionalities, we’ll do it for you. All you have to do is contact us at 

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