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Here’s how the expense report looks like

Tracking expenses and generating reports is an essential yet time-consuming task for business owners. Expense reports provide deeper insights and allow business owners to take required actions and plan their future business finances.

Understanding the importance of expense reports for your business, we have created an expense report template, especially for retailers. You can make a copy and start using it for free! It’s easy to generate daily, weekly, and monthly expense reports with Spend Eagle

Let’s dive a little deeper and know what the charts in the Expense Report describe.

Monthly Expense Report For Your Business

The left-shown line chart helps you check the total expenditure of various months in a year. It also helps to analyze the expenses of a particular month.

You simply need to drill down the chart and it will show you weekly expenses. Simple and effective. Isn’t it?

Track Salary Expense For Your Business

The right-shown pivot table describes employee salary by years.

This will enable you to inspect the monthly salary expense of the business.

Track Category-wise expense For Your Business

The left-shown pie chart helps you inspect expenses by category in your business.

For example, as a business owner, if you wish to know how much have you spent on Advertising in the month of July, the left-shown pie chart will help you do just that. Similarly, you can also analyze other expenses done by category like Consulting charges, Bank charges, Maintenance Expenses, etc.

Total Labor and Non-Labor Cost for your business

Here’s a gauge chart that indicates the total expense of multiple years in your business. You can select custom years and examine their expenses too.

Total Labor and Non Labor cost indication can also be a helpful metric for you as a business owner.

Expense Report Template With Google Sheets!
How does it work?

Google sheet will work as the data source for your expense report and our free data studio template will help you generate detailed yet visually appealing Expense reports.

Data Studio Report

Expense Management Sheet

Benefits of using the free! Expense Report Template, Spend Eagle

How to start generating expense reports using Spend Eagle?

First, you have to fill up the quick form to get started. To make it easier for you to generate reports, we have created a set-up guide that can be accessed with all the required assets once you fill up the below given form!

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